Airtel reverts deducted charges of Ads clicked mistakenly

I was surfing internet on my Mobile device Nokia C6-01. Checking mails and downloading MP3 from wap sites, not only with the web pages also happens with Apps those share with Ads. Before page get loads I hit the link that place was spotted with Airtel Ads. After I was charged and Subscribed to the programes and money get deducted with-out confirmation from my end. 

So, I called to Airtel customer care and communicated with emails that was really help from the team reverted the deducted amount back to my account. 

These was happend when I was in prepaid and it been year back. I really appreciate the help that Airtel team helped. After my concern they accepted the suggestion and stopped those Ads even if the Ads are hitt'd a confirmation will prompts.